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Nowra strippers

Nowra Strippers

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Organising a Bucks party in Nowra ? Or a Hens party in Nowra.
Need a female stripper or topless waitress in Nowra?
Or a male stripper or topless waiter in Nowra ?
Hosting a bucks party in Nowra? or Hens night in Nowra ?
Hubba Hubba has plenty of glamourous Male & Female strippers in Nowra for you to choose from. Nowra strippers
Hubba Hubba offers glamorous waitresses & waiters to entertain you, serve you drinks and make sure you have a bucks night / Hens night or any party to remember .
We offer a selective high quality range of glamorous Female Strippers/ Topless Waitresses & Male Strippers/ Topless Waiters that we know are going to make your night a special one .
Our Female & Male Waitresses & Strippers are available in all areas NSW.
We offer a guarantee that you get the selected entertainer you choose.
And always try our best to assist you with making you booking and making your selections



Sydney Strippers
Sydney Strippers



Bikini Lingerie $100 p.h


Eyes Topless . $120 p.h 


No one under 18 symbol Nude $220 p.h

*$40 booking fee per girl
*minimum 2hr booking)


Topless Show
 - Heavy dollar sign270 Hourglass️10 mins
Small orange diamondNude standard show
 - Heavy dollar sign320 Hourglass️ 10-15 mins
Small orange diamondNude deluxe show
(bubble bath or strawberries n cream)
Heavy dollar sign470 Hourglass️ 20-25 mins
Small orange diamondXXX standard show:
( 1 toy basic x show )
 - Heavy dollar sign420 Hourglass️10-15 mins
Small orange diamondXXX deluxe show :
( 2-3 toys, all tricks )
 - Heavy dollar sign470 Hourglass️ 20-25 mins
Small orange diamondXXXtreme Vibe & Pearl:
(35-40 mins, the works!) Min 3 toys and pearls
 - Heavy dollar sign520 Hourglass️35-40mins


R RATED (Nude only ) 
Small orange diamondNude (R)deluxe lesbian duo:
(Lesbian nude duo show)
 - Heavy dollar sign700 Hourglass with flowing sand25-30mins 
Small orange diamondNude (R) deluxe lesbian duo: 
(1 show by each girl, then 1 lesbian show) 
 - Heavy dollar sign800 Hourglass️approx 50 mins 


Small orange diamondXxx lesbian hardcore duo: 
 - Heavy dollar sign900 Hourglass️30mins
Small orange diamondXxx lesbian hardcore duo deluxe
(1 x show by each girl, then 1 x lesbian hardcore show)
-Heavy dollar sign1100 Hourglass️45 mins
Small orange diamondXxxtreme lesbian triple hardcore duo deluxe :  3 girls 
(1 xxx show by each girl, then 1 xxx lesbian hardcore  )
 - Heavy dollar sign1600 MIN Hourglass️ 1hr 

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Nowra strippers

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