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Hens & Bucks Party Booking tips

Hens & Bucks Party Booking Tips

Plan in advance

Try to organize and book entertainment as soon as you have all the party details ready. Our entertainers book fast and sometimes weeks in advance. Please complete the contact us or complete a booking form to assure the desired party time and entertainer(s) of your choice. We try to work around everyone to suit your needs but please be aware that we do operate by a first come first serve basis However we will do all that we can for last minute bookings.

Party Time!

Please make sure some one is able to answer the contact number/s you provide to  us so the entertainment is able to get a hold of you the day of the entertainment.

Please make sure there is suitable close parking available for the entertainment

Please have payment ready for entertainer on arrival.

 Have a large enough room for the show, seating around the perimeter and a sturdy non plastic chair without arm rests(if possible).

Please provide a portable music player if possible.  Most entertainers will have their own.

Make sure there is a clean and separate room for the entertainment to change if they need to.

 Try to  have party inside if possible . We do not expect our entertainers to perform in cold conditions

 Have fun!

Recent Models

Recent Models

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